Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn Woods Sunset (2) 2014

Following the completion of Autumn Woods Sunset 2014 I have started a similar work, this time from a different location with different trees.

04th December 2014
Finally Finished!!!

28th November 2014
Not much work this week a few more leaves and trees!!

21st November 2014
Oh Look Another Tree!!!!! - Give it a rest for the weekend :)

20th November 2014
A couple more trees. Its is going to take some time :)

19th November 2014
Well the trees are getting closer!!

18th November 2014
Well I know this is going to take some time!!! Just hope this turns out as I see it!!

10th November 2014

Guess this is going to take sometime :) 06th November 2014

05th November 2014

 04th November 2014

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