Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sun Through Birch Grove

New work in progress is Sun Through Birch grove.This painting will be a culmination of views from several locations around South Wales where I have been walking lately

17th April 2015

16th April 2015
Nearly Finished - a little more to do!

15th April 2015
More foreground

14th April 2015
More foreground

07th April 2015
Another two trees!! Time to switch to leaves

01st April 2015
It only takes on tree to make a thousand matches.....

31st March 2015
I see tree......

27th March 2015
Guess I am having a little leaf / tree blindness!!

17th March 2015
Leaf Leaf leaf leaf...... This is going to take some time!!! :)

16th March 2015
I think I will be seeing trees for weeks!!

13th March 2015

11th March 2015

Start 10th March 2015

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