Thursday, 9 February 2017

Colourful Wood #2

Colourful Wood #2

With the play with mixed media looking close to my previous Colourful Woods and Tree of Life, I though that I would develop a series of Colourful Woods, using the technique of watering down the oil paint so that it works more like watercolour paint.

Below will be a step by step progression to completion

16th Feb 2017

08th Feb 2017


07th Feb 2017

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Autumn #2

Autumn #2 - 18x14"

Trees added along with a splash of colour.
I have been experimenting with epoxy resin to give the painting a nice sheen.....
Not going to well on the samples at the moment! The resin is just not drying, may just have to rethink this!!!!
06th Feb 2017

Continuing to have a play with mixed media.
Another Autumn wood with fabric leaves in acrylic paint. I may finish this off and seal it with epoxy resin.

Not the best picture! But you get the idea!