Thursday, 6 October 2016

Sun Rise Coney Beach

Sun Rise over Coney Beach

With the autumn approaching the sun is leaving it a little later to wake up! Driving to work in the morning I have been treated to several very nice sun rises, on 23rd of September i was leaving for work a little later than normal and managed to catch the Sun rising over Ogmore and Southerndown from the harbour in Porthcawl over looking Coney beach, fortunately I had my camera and go a couple of very good photographs (see photography section at
Well now that I have finished my Colourful Forest I thought it would be good to make a start on painting the sun rise.

20/10/2016 - Little more on the sea and the wet sand

19/10/2016 - Sea is starting to come along a little more from each days work

16/10/2016 - Update on the sea, coming along a little more now

12/10/2016 - had a "play" with the sea - Wasnt happy with the changes have blended back and need to do a little more work in that area

11/10/2016 - Further Sand and sea updated with reflections from the sunrise

10/10/2016 - I wasn't 100% sure that the sea and sand were working in this painting so I thought I would try something different and have attacked the painting with the pallet knife! Seems to be having the desired effect so far - lets see how it goes!

06/10/2016 - Little More to the Sky and the start of the sea

05/10/2016 - First nights work base colours down