Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Three Cliffs Bay Swansea

Well with the landscape a predominately yellowy brown colour I have been looking for other points of interests. So I think this is becoming a series of seascapes.
This one is Three Cliffs Bay in Swansea, a nice secluded beach mainly due to the trek back to the car pack!!!

Well finally taken a better picture :)

Well I need to have a look when the light is better and take more photos over the weekend.
Think its Finished 22nd January 2015

A little more on the Cliff face to finish off. Lets see how that goes tonight Update 21st January 2015

Weill after a weekend off, here's a little more update 20th January 2015
Should really leave details like the birds until the rest is finished, but like a child I cant wait :)

A little more Sky and Sea Update 15th January 2015

Update 14th January 2015

First Draft 12th January 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Rest Bay - Porthcawl

I was asked before Christmas if I would look at painting Rest Bay - Porthcawl, from a photograph my friend had. I started work on this, before the festive season. However, with all the fun of the festive season this piece of work has been on ummmm .... hold!!! But now lets get back in to it :)

09th January 2015
Think im finished!! May be a little touch up here and there.

08th January 2015

05th January 2015

Pre Christmas